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When you are in pain or need help facing the challenges of life, you want a counselor who is both a skilled therapist and a committed Christian. But finding a Christian counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist can be challenging. The Christian Counseling Resource Directory is here to help.


To locate a trusted counselor in your area, simply type your state in the box above and begin your search. You will be given a map showing the Christian counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in your area along with a list of different counseling issues and sub-categories to help you refine your search.


If you are in crisis or experiencing thoughts of suicide, please call 911 immediately.


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The United Fellowship Of Faith Ministry

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Excellent Family Counseling

Joseph Thurackal from Henderson, NV - 05/28/2014 04:04:07

Rev. Bryan's counseling technique was friendly, nonjudgmental and very help...

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Christian Counseling of McAlester

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Kenneth from McAlester, Ok - 01/11/2014 16:46:42

The counselors there are Very professional, and Christian, without being ju...

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Warren Counseling Services

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Joses from Daphne AL - 03/12/2013 14:50:11

I could not believe how she understood what I'd been going through. She ass...

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How to Select a Christian Counselor


Selecting a Christian counselor can sometimes feel like a guessing game. Whether you’re looking for a Christian counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, pastoral counselor, or life coach, finding the right therapist often determines how much you benefit from the counseling experience. The Christian Counseling Resource Directory would like to help minimize the guessing. We invite you to read the article entitled "How to Select a Christian Counselor" and learn more about choosing the right therapist for you.



As You’re Choosing a Christian Counselor . . .


A white cross on a green field that identifies Christian Counselors who affirm the American Association of Chrisitan Counselor's (AACC) Statement of FaithThe counselor listings in the Christian Counseling Resource Directory are posted by the therapists and counseling centers themselves. Each counselor and counseling center has been given the opportunity to affirm the American Association of Christian Counselors’ (AACC) Statement of Faith. The counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who have affirmed the Statement of Faith are identified in the Christian Counseling Resource Directory by the small green and white cross icon shown here.


Because the content of each counselor listing in the Christian Counseling Resource Directory is created by the individual therapist or counseling center, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of claims made by each care giver. We encourage you to verify the information provided with the appropriate counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist credentialing body or agency. For further details please review our Disclaimer of Legal Rights and Limitation of Liability.